Disney On Ice

Family functions have always been my favorite thing. Spending time with my sweet granddaughters is my MOST favorite.

A few weeks ago, we went to see Disney on Ice Moana (Dare to Dream). It was my 4th performance to go to in the past several years & they have all been amazing. They are soooo magical & I love them as much as the kids do.

The stories included were Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Tangled, Frozen, and lastly Moana. They were all so amazing, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Moana. The girl portraying her looked so much like her it was crazy.

Watching the girl’s reactions to the whole performance was priceless, especially our youngest. I don’t think she took her eyes off the performance the whole time they were performing. Their ages range from 2-9.

I recommend Disney On Ice for any age. It’s wonderful entertainment for the whole family. That kinda sounds like an advertisement, but it truly is. 😍www.disneyonice.com

I didn’t take any pics during performance but I did get some of the family & girls before it started.

They were so excited!!Our beautiful little MoanaOur perfect little Princess ElsaAnd our sassy little Ariel

These girls have my heart.

Thank you for joining. Be sure to go see the next Disney on Ice performance nearest you. You won’t be disappointed.

❤️ Sherrie 😍

Easter Sunday

This year, instead of buying baskets for all the girls, I decorated plastic tubs for the little ones to match their bedroom decor. Traditional baskets just aren’t big enough for the toys & things on their wish list. I think they turned out super cute.

For the older girls, I bought some small galvanized buckets to decorate with their initials. Just big enough for a little candy & gift cards. They loved them. I always try to be a little creative on the holidays. Continue reading “Easter Sunday”

Bench Craft

Hey guys, my 1st craft post is up. I’m no expert by no means but I love doing different crafts & I’m definitely not perfect at it. Lol. I just see things that I like to try and go for it, especially if I already have the supplies.

This piece is very special to me. My husband made it as a surprise for me for Mother’s Day many years ago. I especially love the little heart. It’s a little bench with a bookshelf underneath. This is what it looked like before I started. ❤️First I stained it with rustoleum ebony wood stain. I wanted to get a sort of distressed look when I sanded after painting.

    Next I spray painted it with krylon paint & primer satin Pistachio paint. I love the color. ❤️Then I sanded it to my liking and sprayed it with minwax water based polychrylic protective spray. The finished project! I love how it turned out. I decorated with just a few things I had around the house but plan to add to & change some things eventually.

I appreciate any and all tips or suggestions as to how to make my blog better.

Thank you, ❤️ Sherrie 😍

A little about me…

Hello, I’m Sherrie. I live in the beautiful city of Hot Springs, Arkansas. I am a Mom & a Nana, but mostly a Nana. I have 6 beautiful granddaughters aging from 2-27 and 1 grandson-in-law, so I have a variety of interest with them varying on their age. I have always catered to them, they are my life & keep me young at heart. ❤️

I am also a full-time radiologic technologist at a nearby hospital. I have been there going on 22 years. I love my job & the people I work with are my 2nd family.

I love spending time with my family, beach vacations or any vacation for that matter, crafting, fashion, shopping, scrapbooking, and anything else that might spark my interest.

I recently lost my husband of almost 31 years so I’m trying to adapt to the single life. Im not telling you this to feel sorry. We had a beautiful, fulfilling life together & I miss him terribly. ❤️ I wanted to start blogging because I thought it might be a fun little hobby, among all the others I have. One of my granddaughters started blogging a couple of years ago & I started reading her blogs & other people’s, so I thought, WHY NOT!!!

Anyway, I am interested in sharing my family life, crafts, & any other fun things I like. I’m kinda nervous about doing this & still figuring out how it works so be patient with me.

A few pics of us & our grandkids. My ❤️

Me & my husband on our way to Branson a couple years ago for our yearly sibling trip. ❤️Me & Papa with our beautiful granddaughters & handsome grandson-in-law last Easter. ❤️Me & Papa with our 6 granddaughters getting a Christmas tree last year. ❤️

Thank you for joining. ❤️