A little about me…

Hello, I’m Sherrie. I live in the beautiful city of Hot Springs, Arkansas. I am a Mom & a Nana, but mostly a Nana. I have 6 beautiful granddaughters aging from 2-27 and 1 grandson-in-law, so I have a variety of interest with them varying on their age. I have always catered to them, they are my life & keep me young at heart. ❤️

I am also a full-time radiologic technologist at a nearby hospital. I have been there going on 22 years. I love my job & the people I work with are my 2nd family.

I love spending time with my family, beach vacations or any vacation for that matter, crafting, fashion, shopping, scrapbooking, and anything else that might spark my interest.

I recently lost my husband of almost 31 years so I’m trying to adapt to the single life. Im not telling you this to feel sorry. We had a beautiful, fulfilling life together & I miss him terribly. ❤️ I wanted to start blogging because I thought it might be a fun little hobby, among all the others I have. One of my granddaughters started blogging a couple of years ago & I started reading her blogs & other people’s, so I thought, WHY NOT!!!

Anyway, I am interested in sharing my family life, crafts, & any other fun things I like. I’m kinda nervous about doing this & still figuring out how it works so be patient with me.

A few pics of us & our grandkids. My ❤️

Me & my husband on our way to Branson a couple years ago for our yearly sibling trip. ❤️Me & Papa with our beautiful granddaughters & handsome grandson-in-law last Easter. ❤️Me & Papa with our 6 granddaughters getting a Christmas tree last year. ❤️

Thank you for joining. ❤️