Summer Vacation

This summer we had a wonderful family vacation in Florida. All the kids & granddaughters got to come except for one granddaughter. We missed her & her husband.

Although, it was a happy time, it was also a sad time. As I posted in my “About Me” when I first started this blog, I lost my husband in January of this year & I’m still trying to navigate through life without him. It still doesn’t seem real to me & there’s times the grief hits me so hard, I can’t shake it. Mainly when I’m alone. I still can’t listen to sad music or I just break down.

About a week before he passed, we had talked about a family vacation this summer with all kids & grandkids. We had went on several vacations with them & their families separately but never all of us. He was really looking forward to doing that. But, God had other plans, and it was not to be. My heart was broken. 💔

After a few weeks had went by, we all got together & decided we would take that family vacation to honor him. Everyone was looking forward to doing that.

I decided to make us all matching shirts for beach photos & they turned out great. Below are a few of the photos. I love all these photos & will cherish them always. The shirts say “Couch Family Vacation 2019” on the front. The back says “Loved beyond Words” “Missed beyond Measure” & then Dad on the kids, Papa on granddaughters & DIL, Jim on our newest SIL, & My ❤️ Heart on mine.

As we were getting ready for these photos, nothing prepared me for the overwhelming grief that would hit me. I cried for over an hour while trying to get ready & kept having to re-apply my make up. As you can see in the photos, my eyes are very swollen. Nothing could hide that. But, with the strength & support of my kids & grandkids, I made it thru. I’m so very glad we did this. ❤️

I miss my husband so very badly, but, I have a very strong support system with my amazing kids, granddaughters, family, & friends. Nothing prepares you for the loss of your best friend, your rock, your heart, but you must keep going & learn a new normal life for you. I know God will carry me through. ❤️💔 I am stronger than I think.

Thank you for visiting my blog & God Bless

❤️ Sherrie 😍

Theater Camp

Hey friends, I know it’s been awhile. Busy, busy, busy summer. This post is from June of this year.

So, one of my granddaughters’ school put on a theater camp. It was a 2 week summer camp where they got to help create the Broadway production of the “The Lion King Kids”. It was amazing & the cutest show I’ve seen in a long time.

During the camp, the kids got to learn about all aspects of a production of this size. They learned about program production, set design, costume design, along with all the songs & dances.

They also got to paint backgrounds & help decorate some of the costumes. My granddaughter had a blast. She was chosen to be Zazu from the movie & did an amazing job. She was a perfect “ZAZU”.

Jaycie as “ZAZU”, the uptight, red-billed hornbill that served as King Mufasa’s majordomo, and the begrudged caretaker of SIMBA. Soooo cute!! ❤️The whole group & some of the costumes. Some of the backgrounds they helped with. Family with Jaycie after the performance. ❤️

We were sooo very proud of her!

Thank you for stopping by & if you get a chance to watch kids do the Lion King, be sure to go & see it. You won’t be disappointed.

❤️ Sherrie 😍

Dance: A Family Affair

Hey friends!! It’s been a minute. June was a very busy month for our family. Summer is always filled with family functions, holidays, & vacations.

I just want to share some of our family events in my next few posts.

Starting with June 1. Our little Adlyee, my granddaughter, who is 6 had her dance recital. This was the 2nd one she’s been a part of & she did so good. She absolutely loves it.

Dance has always been a part of our family. My daughter took dance til she was in junior high school & then went into cheer. And in high school, she was on the dance team. And now, both of her daughters have been in dance. The oldest has moved on to gymnastics & trying out for a cheer team.

I’m a firm believer in keeping your kids busy in some kind of sport or activity that they enjoy.

Adlyee’s 1st dance was “Surfin’ USA” by the The Beach Boys. It was so dang cute. And the outfit was adorable.

Her 2nd dance was The Wizard of Oz Ballet. I think the whole dance studio was in this one. Her class were little mice. Another adorable outfit. I always get as many pics as possible.

And lastly, she was in a Barbie Song, Get Your Sparkle On. She did amazing in all 3. Precious Sisters!! 💖

And their little cousin who was mesmerized by the whole program. It won’t be long til she’ll be dancing. I love watching them enjoy what they love! ❤️

Thank you for stopping by. Any feedback welcome.

❤️ Sherrie 😍

Disney On Ice

Family functions have always been my favorite thing. Spending time with my sweet granddaughters is my MOST favorite.

A few weeks ago, we went to see Disney on Ice Moana (Dare to Dream). It was my 4th performance to go to in the past several years & they have all been amazing. They are soooo magical & I love them as much as the kids do.

The stories included were Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Tangled, Frozen, and lastly Moana. They were all so amazing, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Moana. The girl portraying her looked so much like her it was crazy.

Watching the girl’s reactions to the whole performance was priceless, especially our youngest. I don’t think she took her eyes off the performance the whole time they were performing. Their ages range from 2-9.

I recommend Disney On Ice for any age. It’s wonderful entertainment for the whole family. That kinda sounds like an advertisement, but it truly is. 😍

I didn’t take any pics during performance but I did get some of the family & girls before it started.

They were so excited!!Our beautiful little MoanaOur perfect little Princess ElsaAnd our sassy little Ariel

These girls have my heart.

Thank you for joining. Be sure to go see the next Disney on Ice performance nearest you. You won’t be disappointed.

❤️ Sherrie 😍