Easter is coming!!!!

Soooo, as I said in my previous post, Easter week was super busy. Now that things have slowed down a bit, I wanted to share some of our family activities we did for Easter.

Holidays with my family are very important to me. I love all of us being together as often as possible. Not just on holidays.

••••Warning: lots of pics in this post. Haha••••

The Sunday (a week) before Easter, we colored eggs & decorated cupcakes. Had to do it early because Easter weekend was full.

I always have lots of fun extras for pics & the kids especially enjoy the rabbit ears. I also have several different egg coloring kits. Paas Easter egg dyes are my favorite. paaseastereggs.com

This year I boiled 45 eggs & I think we ended up with 40. Not bad for that many eggs. They turned out so pretty. ❤️🐰It didn’t take long for 7-8 people to decorate 40 eggs. On to the cupcakes. After baking about 30 cupcakes, this is how many we ended up with. I think there was a lot of eating cupcakes instead of decorating. But we had a lot of fun doing them. And of course, we have our traditional rabbit ear pics. We always have a lot of laughs & I love our family traditions. ❤️I forgot to remind these 2 to wear their rabbit ears. I’ll get them next year. ☺️Family is my most treasured possession. This is our 1st holiday without my husband & I want to keep our traditions alive. I know that’s what he would want. ❤️

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday & thank you for joining.

❤️ Sherrie 😍

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